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Trillian is the ultimate Instant Messenger! It unifies your IM experience. With Trillian you can chat with users on ICQ, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, MSN, and IRC. All in one program, completely skinnable. Trillian comes in two varieties, Basic and Pro.

Trillian-Messenger.net is your unofficial Trillian Resource Center that serves all your Trillian needs.

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Security Update: Trillian 3.1.12 released

Trillian 3.1.12 has been released to address security problems with AIM and loading of images. The new version also improves the stability of the MSN plugin. Existing Trillian users should receive the update automatically. Updating to Trillian 3.1.12 is strongly recommended.

 Download Trillian 3.1.12

Security Update: Trillian 3.1.11 released

Trillian 3.1.11 has been released to address security issues. Updating to Trillian 3.1.11 is recommended.

 Download Trillian 3.1.11

Security Update: Trillian 3.1.10 released

In response to three security issues found by the Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) project, Ceruleanstudios released Trillian version All users should update to the new version.

Download Trillian

Trillian released

Trillian has been released to address Yahoo login problems. The issues are caused by changes to the Yahoo servers. However, these changes have been only temporary. Ceruleanstudios recommends an update to Trillian anyway as it contains a fix to protect against similar issues.

Download Trillian

Trillian released

Trillian has been released in response to some issues with Yahoo Offline messages and a problem with the MSN plugin. Both errors could crash Trillian.

Security update: Trillian released

In response to a security vulnerability  in the handling of aim:// links, Ceruleanstudios released Trillian The version does not contain any new features but an update is highly recommended to fix the security issue. Existing users should get the update via the auto update feature.

Security update: Trillian released

In response to a security vulnerability reported by iDefense Labs, Ceruleanstudios released Trillian as a full download and via the auto-update feature.

Trillian released

Ceruleanstudios released an update to the Trillian 3.1 version that fixes several security issues.

Trillian-Messenger.net goes live

Trillian-Messenger.net finally goes live. It is based on the german Trillian site Trillian-Messenger.de which serves the german Trillian community since 2002.

New and upcoming Trillian Astra features

Ceruleanstudios keeps releasing new alpha builds of Trillian Astra to their testers every Friday. Besides numerous bugfixes, several new features have been added over the last weeks. Trillian-Messenger.net presents a summary of new features and a special technology preview.


Trillian Mini

 Trillian Mini