Is there a future for specialized internet messaging software?

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Is there a future for specialized internet messaging software?

Ever since the 1990s internet messaging software has been around in some form and people were enjoying the benefits of easier correspondence and quick sharing of information. Instant messaging was very popular in the 2000s and chat rooms were something that caused a real mini-revolution in the way in which people understood and used Internet. More and more people were attracted to internet messaging and the software that was created to facilitate that was advanced and progressive for that time. AOL Instant Messenger and later MSN were among the first big-time names that conquered the globe, and especially young people got “hooked” on the chance to speak to their friends in real time for almost no charge.

In the later years, more and more internet messaging software appeared and the overall technology was quickly mowing forward, which resulted in even greater popularity of this type of social contact. However, this desire for social interaction gave birth to the idea of social networks, and 2006 saw the appearance of Facebook, and some other social platforms soon followed. This would not be a problem for messaging software if it wasn’t for the fact that social networks, like Facebook, Twitter or similar, offer their own messaging service and that this makes third-party internet messaging software completely redundant.

aol-yahoo-msn-gmailThis situation seemed logical and most people made a transition to social platforms and left their old habits of chatting via MSN or AOL, simply because they didn’t need them anymore. But, instant messaging was not giving up. It just evolved and became an even better version of itself. How? Well, instead the old-fashioned programs and services like Pidgin, Trillian, Digsby or Nimbuzz, people now have access to programs and applications like Viber, WhatsApp, Snapchat or Skype.

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 For anybody who has ever used those “old” programs (which, by the way, can still be used perfectly fine and they do in fact have millions of users on different software platforms even today), it is evident that improvements are massive and that new services offer more and that they are more adapted to usage in the mobile era. People nowadays mostly use mobile devices to engage in contact with friends and family, and those new popular apps allow them to do it both from their phones and from their computers as well. New generation of internet messaging software is easy to use, offers supreme inter operability and is effective and efficient, which makes it perfect for daily usage. Most of those programs offer file transfer, hyperlinks, voice and video chat, and all of those features and attributes are desired by today’s demanding customers.

social_media_strategyMore and more people every day get access to Internet and they all need programs that will enable them to have easy contact with the rest of the world and their social circle, but it seems like specialized internet messaging software will not be necessary anymore and that social networks will takeover our entire social life. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are now an integral part of our existence and there is no point in fighting them anymore, so it is best to relax and just enjoy the ride.

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